Is Your Scale Your Friend or Foe?

This is going to get a whole bunch of criticism, but I am going to tell you any way.

I weigh myself every day. There, I said it.

I know dozens of reasons not to do so, like water weight, obsessing over weight, and so forth. But here is why, when I’m at home [other scales don’t give me an accurate bank statement], I weigh myself daily.

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Aging Is A State of Mind

Because each and everyone of us is aging no matter whether we are 40 or 70, one of the most important categories of this blog site is the “Wisdom” category because it will often deal with our attitudes on aging.

Most of us have heard the phrase that what happens to us with life  circumstances is 80% the result of our attitude toward those experiences and only 20% is actually the result of those life experiences. In other words, attitude is the key to most all of life and for sure to aging!

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The 80 – 20 Rule

Many people are familiar with the 80-20 principle when it comes to business. This well-known philosophy—also known as the Pareto principle—dictates that 80 percent of your business likely comes from 20 percent of your customers. It has served countless business people throughout the years, as they learned to focus in on what is the most profitable way to spend their time.

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Cooking Vlog: Festive Peppers

This is a very healthy, easy, fast, and low fat yummy recipe that we love for the intense flavors, great texture, and the designer in me loves the colors!

A green salad and hearty whole grain bread completes the meal for sure.

Serves 4 Recipe doubles very well

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In this really fun but informative section we will be cooking and changing lifestyle eating habits by this simple philosophy by which I live called “THE KNOWING, HAVING, & DOING” of everyday eating and cooking.

THE KNOWING is just that simple to explain. It is knowing every day for almost every meal what will be eaten or where it will be eaten. Now, of course we all know that life changes on a dime and flexibility is the key to anything. And there are vacations and trips and injuries or sickness and on and on and on.

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