Clean Eating Tips for Baby Boomers

Growing up, breakfasts were sausage, bacon and eggs cooked in bacon fat. Plus pancakes, waffles with tons of butter and syrup and piles of crispy bacon. Mashed potatoes, beef (and lots of it) with gravy, Spam (not internet), toasted cheese, onion chip dip and chips were all a common every day or every weekend ritual. Cholesterol, saturated fat … What was that? Smoking, high balls, sunbathing — even putting on baby oil with iodine. Oh, how little we knew!

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My 10 Secrets to Making Healthier Holidays Happen

SOMEBODY in your family or circle of friends has to make the first attempt at making healthier holiday meals happen.

Why not let it be you? Just please do not announce it. As Nike says, “Just do it”! Everyone will feel better whether they will admit it or not. And with January just around the corner, why not give yourself and others an advantage for the typical new weight and health goals for the upcoming year?

So, my friends, here are some tricks, suggestions and secrets for making a healthier holiday happen.

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5 Tips for Downsizing Christmas Decor

Oh, the beauty and serenity of a well-designed neutral room or home. These spaces are so often the perfect balm for our weary souls. But wait, here comes Christmas decorating time and with it the temptation and decisions of what to display, keep or say goodbye to forever. This can be a design dilemma for sure!

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Jake has a question for you?

WELLNESS can be hampered or  in our homes. True or False?

Q: How can you compensate for the stress in your life?
A: Unwind in your very own space.

In today’s video, see the benefits of having your own sanctuary space.

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Our pets have sanctuary spaces. Do you?

Our pets have a way of making their own sanctuary spaces around the house. Why not us? In part two of my video series on sanctuary spaces, get DIY tips for creating your very own space to get comfortable.

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