Loved Kathy Ireland’s Take on Wellness In Our Homes

High Point October Market was such an affirmation to me that WELLNESS in our homes is a hot topic, even with the beautiful  Kathy Ireland. In our interview at Nourison Carpet where her many designed area rugs are on display, she shared with me her perspective on WELLNESS in our homes.

In this recap of mine from market, there were many venues connected to WELLNESS. I will highlight only 3 starting with my interview.

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Aging With Beauty


“Talk about modifying a home for ‘aging in place’ and baby boomers recoil, in fear of mortality and, worse, ugliness. Now the design industry if filling this niche, stylishly”

Yes, this AIP trend is happening now. I am thrilled to be quoted in this wonderfully written and relevantly timely article in the Wall Street Journal, Off Duty section.

“Mitzi Beach, a CAPS designer in Wichita, Kan., and an expert in boomer lifestyle, points out that there are no Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) codes for residential properties, as there are for commercial properties. But one can fine AIP guidelines on the NAHB website,, and can find CAPS designers there and through the American Society of Interior Designers (”

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The saying better late than never surely fits the huge trend happening in the housing and design industry today.  The saying that is also relative to this merging AIP (Aging in Place) trend is  trends “follow the money” and there is certainly big money in this market in product and design.


I am loving all this AIP press for the pure reasoning that this trend just makes complete sense. Stated another way, why would homeowners not consider preparing their homes for their future wellbeing? With the current wave of new products on the market now and those yet to emerge, homeowners can live a safer, more ergonomic life in their homes without compromising stylish beauty or contemporary aesthetics.  As this article affirms, there is currently surfacing a new boast worthy AIP statement for homeowner status. Another plus to this trending movement is the advantage homeowners gain by living with more functional storage along with the ease of simpler living. Again, I ask, who wouldn’t want these features?

Mitzi’s award winning accessible first floor guest bathroom. Even without a 5’ turning radius, many with special needs have functioned easily in our guest bathroom due to 3’ door opening, curbless shower, grab bars, comfort height toilet, wall mounted open sink vanity, ample lighting, plus many more features. …Read More
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I have ALWAYS  hated fluorescent lit rooms! However, I never truly understood all of the reasons why. Now I have even more of the science behind why! …Read More
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Taking the Mystery Out of Beautiful Tablescapes

The very merry busy month of May is upon us with showers, graduations, and etc. We can make these significant times even more memorable by incorporating these wonderful tablescape basics. And who doesn’t enjoy sitting down to a beautiful table? And yes, even with today’s busy lifestyles, getting the basics down shows our family and friends we cared enough to expend this effort just for them. …Read More

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My Kathy Ireland Interview

Here is my much anticipated interview with Kathy Ireland. This beauty is not only skin deep! Read on to discover surprising insights from my interview. ..more

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