Are You A Priority to You?

Here we go again…

I can see you rolling your eyes at the very thought of “me, a priority to me”??

Let me guess. Your thoughts are something along these lines.

“Well, that is the most selfish thing I ever heard.”

“I have way too much to do and too many people need me to even think about what I need for myself.”

“Maybe she can do this for herself, but obviously, she doesn’t know my circumstances”.

Well, beloved Boomers and 50+ ers, you do not know my circumstances either and if you did, chances are, there probably are vast amounts of similarities that we all share.

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Living Cypress

Cypress, this is what we call our beloved home, and I truly do mean “beloved” after all we went through to get it this far along!

EVERYONE thought we were CRAZY!!! Oyoe…what a story you will hear about the condition this house was in, that it wasn’t even for sale! Oh, and by the way, we put an offer in with our sales realtor BEFORE we ever stepped inside!

Bob and I were going into our baby boomer sixties — which made everyone really scratch their heads about taking on such a HUGE undertaking at our age. We actually took an amazing leap of faith totally and firmly believing that we were not only to buy, “renovate”, and redesign, but to also restore Cypress to its original beauty as best as we could.

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Cooking Vlog: Easy Italian Chicken

Want a really quick, easy, healthy and tasty dinner? This is it!

I used my built-in counter steamer but a purchased sit-on-the-counter steamer would be a great investment for healthy cooking. The trick is NOT to overcook!

Steaming is an exceptionally healthy way to cookI do not microwave any vegetables since this destroys the enzymes. As we age, our own enzymes decrease, so why would we want to lose any to improper cooking methods?

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Product Review Vlog – L’oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Spray

In my product review vlogs, you’ll get an inside look at some of my very favorite products. We’ll start today with my favorite self-tanning product. The three biggest factors that go into my love of this product are:


1. Nobody wears hose or nylons anymore, nor do they want to show off legs that are pasty white or show signs of age.
2. There are many risks involved with sun tanning, leading to a rise in the popularity of self tanning products.
3. Many self-tanning products leave your skin looking orange – a very unnatural and undesirable result.

Enjoy the vlog and please share your thoughts in the comments section!

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Is Your Scale Your Friend or Foe?

This is going to get a whole bunch of criticism, but I am going to tell you any way.

I weigh myself every day. There, I said it.

I know dozens of reasons not to do so, like water weight, obsessing over weight, and so forth. But here is why, when I’m at home [other scales don’t give me an accurate bank statement], I weigh myself daily.

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