Countdown to Turkey Day!

In the mood to try some new foods for Thanksgiving and the holidays? Well,  I’m offering a free PDF of my “Holiday Deliciousness” healthy cookbook soon, so stay tuned to find out how you can get your hands on the cookbook! Some of my personal favorites include honeysuckle turkey breast, lighter twice-baked potatoes, and the always-popular raspberry truffle pie.

Below I am sharing five new ways to have healthier holidays! 

1) Adopt healthy eating and exercise habits now, so that by the time holiday craziness rolls around, you’re already in a routine. The anti-stress and energy benefits from this type of lifestyle are especially healthy during holiday time.Healthy meal for Thanksgiving for two like me and BobBob did at Holden Beach NC a few years back. Ocean and balcony extra….:)

2) Know that it’s OK to splurge on your favorite treats, as long as you get back into your normal routine or splurge on dessert without all of the calories with the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Pie. Everything in moderation! Here is our video on how to make the delicious Chocolate Pie!

Here is one of my beginning recipe videos that is still good today! Everyone has to start somewhere!

3) Join an exercise class, such as a Pilates or spin group, at your local gym. This can help keep you enthusiastic to workout, and puts you in the company of other encouraging, like-minded people when it comes to health.

4) To keep up with exercise goals while traveling, learn some workouts that don’t require lots of extra equipment. Body weight workouts (push ups, squats, crunches, planks, tricep dips) are great for this purpose.

5) Pack nutritional, filling snacks to eat on the go. Even if you happen to stray a little bit from nutrition or exercise goals, you can at least keep your snacking on track. I’m a big fan of KIND snack bars because they’re gluten free, all-natural and contain five grains, which makes them both filling and yummy. Meals and food are such a big part of our holiday traditions, and to honor traditions is important for our families’ and friends’ memories. We are not about “throwing the baby out with the bath water;” we are about gently introducing new ways of celebrating family and friend holiday traditions without adding extra fanfare and stress.

I hope that you’ve gained some insights on my healthy living philosophy, and I’d love to read some of your tips and thoughts in the comments.

We are so thankful for all of you that follow our posts and love it when you comment your thoughts and suggestions that help us all at the holidays and all year long.

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